Saturday, October 19, 2013

Amish Family Christmas & All The Pretty Ponies & Majestic and Wild

Here. I'm finally back on my blog after so many months while the website was being remodelled. Thank you to all the new people who have joined up in the past couple of days. Normally I will write a blog once a week and it will be on any sort of subject that strikes me as important at the time. Sometimes I'll talk about my books and others' books. Sometimes about God. Sometimes about Creation. Who knows? I do want you to know I will be putting all members into the draw for An Amish Family Christmas as soon as we reach 100 or American Thanksgiving on Nov. 28 - I hope we reach 100 first! I also want you to know I'm looking for people to go into my author page on Amazon & click on the orange LIKE button. If you do that, please tell me, and your name will go into another draw for All the Pretty Little Ponies, a short story I just wrote to initiate a series of horse stories edited by a colleague at HHP. Here's the link to the author page: Third and final announcement! There is a giveaway for Majestic & Wild, my collection of stories on God and the wilderness, going on until the 3rd of November. That giveaway is on Goodreads & here's the link: Family Christmas is based on a discussion I had with two Hutterites on the Amish Wisdom radio show. I mean that story from the heart. Pretty Ponies is dedicated to a young woman I know who loves horses and has been struggling with a debilitating health condition for years. I mean that story from the heart too. Majestic & Wild is based on wilderness adventures I've experienced from the time I was a teen. I mean all those stories from the heart as well. Come to think of it, I mean everything I write from the heart. Thank you for joining me on my blog and may your life, despite all the pain and struggle that comes our way, be rich and full of God's light.