Tuesday, April 12, 2011

book contract for "wings"

Some of you will have read the few chapters I blogged during the winter under the title "a gift of wings", a story set in 1917 about a young man of 18 who wants to fly. The only trouble is, he's Amish. Well, I'm happy to announce that book has found a home and I have been offered a contract by Harvest House in Oregon. They've already started working on the cover art. When you read you have favorite books and stories and when you write you have them too. Among the stories I've penned this is one of my favorites. It's title, by the way, is taken from Psalm 139: "If I Take the Wings of Morning". I'm grateful to God and grateful for the support of those of you who read some of the chapters and said, "Amen, keep going." Now Snoopy cries, "Chocks away!"

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