Wednesday, September 21, 2011

another response to israel

Another person I know who makes Jerusalem their home has responded to the Newsweek article just below. This also is worth reading.


Hey Murray,

Thanks for the article and my comments shall proceed.

Regarding the Issue of poverty, housing, etc. Yes, it is a problem, but simply, I would disagree with some of his "large assumptions" that make it sound like all of Israel is breaking down and "everyone" is unhappy. Sure, people are feeling pressure, a lot of pressure, and some more then others. But there is still a majority that believe defense and security to hold back the hateful tide at its borders to preserve their very lives is better then having cheaper housing, and cheaper food. The situation isn't completely unbearable, people do struggle, but Israel is stretched thin, budget wise, because of all the problems surrounding its borders. That is my general feeling of the whole situation, seeing the protests, reading articles, and researching surveys.
My second thing are all his comments on the whole "occupied land of West Bank and Gaza" which is a crock because once again the whole story is not told and "word usage" is twisted giving into the same lie and trap people everywhere fall into when dealing with this area. So, a few of my points are, after 1948 war, Gaza was occupied by Egypt and Jordan captured the west side of the Jordan, and most of Jerusalem. Jordan then expelled Jews and oppressed them as well as Egypt. Then, in a defensive war in which these Arab countries sought to annihilate Israel, Israel conquered this territory as well as the Golan Heights. Now to be factual, while Gaza, Westbank and Golan Heights were occupied by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, these lands were never recognized in the 19 years of occupation by the UN to be part of these countries. Plus, these lands were in the original plan by the UN and Pan Salma to be a part of the Jewish Homeland!!!! So, by every right, Israel is the legitimate holder of these lands, not an "occupier". This term was coined because of two things, Israel chose not to fully annex these lands because of defensive reasons, and the whole Palestinian plight which is mumbo jumbo because during the British Mandate, TransJordan or modern day Jordan was created for the Palestinians as a homeland. Plus, Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and so there already is a Palestinian State and it is besieged not by Israel, but by Hamas, who is the real enemy. Israel just secures it because of the lawlessness, weapons smuggling, and terror threat. So, I really did not care for Morris' bad generalizations, skewed comments, etc. It also goes to show you even if someone lives in Israel and calls themselves a historian they can skew the facts. I know many professors, Members of Knesset, rabbis, journalists, and other people who would firmly disagree with Morris' statements.
Having said this he does paint a good picture of some of the struggles in Israel, the threat and complication of the surrounding nations, and Islams threat in countries like Egypt that really were never "liberated" through these riots (which mainly are staged and paid for by rich Arabs....last riot at Israeli Embassy in Cairo was set up by an Arab multimillionaire who paid people to riot. Plus, if you look carefully there really isn't any women or children at these riots and the soldiers are in control. Strange?) Anyway, those are a number of my thoughts, Murray, maybe very opinionated but gathered through years of study.

Anyway, thank you once again for sending the article. I trust you and Linda are doing fine and blessings.


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Bill L. said...

I appreciate the subject, a very important subject it is. I also appreciate the opportunity to read multiple views and consider divergent conclusions. Really I do. And, I am not writing this in response to the person who offered his view. Again, really, I am not.
As I get older, presumably gaining some wisdom (at least enhanced animal cunning from hitting my forehead on the walls of life if by no other means); I think I would offer the world a suggestion: we need to step squarely on the neck of our intellectual self-appreciation, our pride, and stay there till it no longer has a heartbeat.
We run a risk, sadly it is not difficult to find evidence to the point of near “proof positive” that most educated people live well and deeply inside this “risk,” of thinking we can solve all problems by detail gathering, rigorous analysis, building consensus with all involved parties, and then having the courage to take decisive action, and... and…
And then, we pretend we have not done all that and we do it again, and again, and...
Jesus Christ manifestly pointed out the God-powered possibility of approaching, and then living – from the root of one’s being – by a wholly different process. God bless us but if we take Him seriously and throw ourselves into it…we have to trust Him to impart value and significance to us individually and corporately. We have to learn to trust Him to fulfill our desire for acceptance and appealing beauty. I can tell you, that may preach okay on Sunday, but, we live in the real world. Besides that, hang it all, He insists on doing all things according to His will! Just Who does that Jewish boy think He is anyway? God?
If I follow Him to the extent suggested here, I may never be known by the people I want to be recognized by. Why, I may not have much more “silver and gold” than some… some peasant, some insignificant unknown mud-grubber in Toe-jamb, Africa.
The God I’ve been taught about would never even ask that of an Evangelical (let alone a spirit-Filled Bible-totter)! Humph! The very thought would have my seminary professors and denominational leaders looking bicarb!