Friday, April 06, 2012

review of A Bride's Flight from Virginia City


@Murray Pura Writing: A review reflecting TWO reads --I and my husband enjoyed reading "A BRIDE'S FLIGHT". The detailed story takes readers right into the 1870s and the heart breaking pain of Civil War memories combined with the pain inflicted by doctrines. Murray Pura blends cultures to bring peace of mind, Christian love and forgiveness to characters while romantic love and devotion grows between the two main characters. He uses words to paint a picture of a few months of lives -- the natural world is tough, but strength comes from a mighty God.

A Bride's Flight carries a distinct Christian story line with a refreshing romance plot that takes a reader into the history of the Old West. The Civil War, Westward movement, Amish culture, and the bright hope for the country's future are all woven into a very good book. I don't want to tell you more because I won't spoil the story.

My personal measure of a good book: I always read awhile, then go to the end to see "who done it". I can still enjoy the middle of a very good book, while some books get laid aside. This book is one of the Very Good Books!

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