Saturday, August 18, 2012

5 star review of The Face of Heaven - Marian Baay

Reviewed by Marian Baay 5 stars~***** Truly A Masterpiece! During the Civil War The main characters Lyndel Keim and Nathaniel King are Amish. After they witnessed the brutal treatment of runaway slaves, their lives are changed forever. They are just starting to fall in love when Nathaniel joins the Army. Some time later Lyndel follows him as an Army nurse. After about a year they finally see each other again. Now that both have become a part of the war effort, they are banished from their Amish community. Despite of the war their love grows. And despite of they're being banished they still live up to their faith. Nathaniel fights in several well known battles. It's nice to read about the camaraderie among Nathaniel's platoon. I almost felt a part of them and could imagine the bullets whistling around my head. Lyndel cares for the many wounded soldiers. It's not always pleasant to read about the battle injuries, but it was reality back then. When loved ones get seriously injured, will Lyndel be able to nurse them back to health? This book truly is a page turner and a masterpiece! Awesome job, Murray!

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