Saturday, January 15, 2011

holy quotes 4 & 5

The objective of rebuilding a broken world is not to return to life as though nothing happened, but to emerge from a dark time with grace and humility that might not have happened any other way.

Afflictions are but the shadows of God's wings.

George MacDonald, 19th century Scottish preacher and author


EMP said...

Bizarre, Murray--this is the very quote I recently shared with EB. From all the George Mac possibilities! I appreciate MacDonald's writings.

Are you a Chesterton fan too?

murray said...

yes! - it comes up on this site when I have him at a poets' retreat in Scotland in the story dedded to EP, The Poets of Windhover Marsh - on December 8th I blogged my not-yet-done play of him which I started for Ron Reed and Pacific Theatre in Vancouver. Please read a snatch of it and see if it begins to capture his spirit - the blog GKC - our paths cross yet again, EMP

EMP said...