Sunday, January 16, 2011

the sequel to ZO

Just over two years since the publication of the novel ZO in December 2008, I'm happy to say the sequel has been sent to the Toronto publisher for release by March of 2011.

This second book is considerably longer than the first and covers the years in the story between 1933 and 1943.

For those of you to whom this is news, ZO is the first volume in a trilogy, this sequel is therefore the second. God willing and blessing, there will be a third that completes the saga.

ZO is readily available through Amazon or Chapters or by special order through your favorite bookstore. This one will available through the same channels.

I have blogged portions of the new novel twice on this site. One of them is entitled "in the midst of war we find an oasis it created" (11/1/10). The other is entitled, in a more obvious fashion, "the beginning of the sequel to the novel ZO" (10/19/10). I will probably blog a couple more pieces from the book over the next few months.

Anyway, the first novel was shortlisted for The Kobzar Literary Award, a Toronto award of $25,000.00 which I did not win, but which gave the book a larger readership. I hope this new book will enjoy something of the same blessing.

I don't mean to get caught up in all these details. The book has not only been with me all of 2010, but the ideas have been swirling in my head since 1988. The story means a great deal to me. I hope it will mean a great deal to others.

Because of the story and the issues involved, I believe it is the most important book I have ever written.

I hope you will get into the trilogy and follow along.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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