Thursday, March 03, 2011

the white birds of morning (back cover)

the back cover of the new novel:

Hidden among his Trappist friends at a secluded monastery, Andrew Chornavka has already faced one aggressive investigation into his past by the Vatican. He is certain all that his behind him, and he can return to his life of prayer and meditation, but he finds out he is wrong. A second papal delegation descends upon him and shatters his fragile quiet, once again led by the archbishop and former soldier who is determined to see Andrew’s sister Zoya declared a saint. This time the questions are about Ukraine, Russia, and Germany and the brutal world of the Eastern Front in the Second World War. This time it is about those in Andrew’s family who made war and those who strove for peace and those who shed blood or brought healing in the name of both. And this time, instead of hostility and resistance, Andrew gives the archbishop more than he expected – an unflinching honesty that opens doors the old monastic thought he had closed forever and that he flings wide in order to free his own heart and soul from a haunted past.


A lovely feeling for light and weather and water. Memorable.
Books in Canada

Pura deserves credit for capturing the local flavour of the speech of Maritime fishing folk. He has approached his task with care and has quite successfully echoed the voices he has heard in the outports and fishing villages of Maritime Canada.
The Globe & Mail

A book worth reading. It’s the work of a thoughtful writer who has obviously struggled with some of the hard questions himself.
The Daily News Sunday Magazine

Convincing. Compelling. Tragic power. An engrossing and moving piece of work.
The Atlantic Book Review

Murray Andrew Pura’s fiction has been short-listed for a number of honours, including the Dartmouth Book Award and the John Spencer Hill Literary Award. The White Birds of Morning is the second in a trilogy of novels. Pura lives and writes in southwestern Alberta.


EMP said...

I add only three words of praise for your work, MP: Please keep writing.

murray said...

you are such an encourager - a gift - our lovely Connie also wrote a very encouraging email this week (though she doesn't know about White Birds, hers had more to do with thanking me for breaking out of the strictures even literary fiction can place a writer in) - I'll have to get you guys special seats at the Kobzar in 2012 if I get in - thanks for all your support, EMP