Thursday, March 10, 2011

the white birds of morning - a stand alone?

People have asked if this is a stand alone novel. There is generally enough background given in White Birds that anyone could pick it up, read it, and grasp the essentials of the story that precedes this novel. However, to understand White Birds better and to appreciate the story in-depth it would probably be a good idea to read the first book, Zo, which is available on Amazon or by special order from your local bookstore - unless your brick and mortar store is so cool and non-mainstream it has copies in stock.

I have called Zo and White Birds the first two volumes in a trilogy. I have to tell you now though that the story has expanded to the point where it will probably wind up being a quartet of novels, with volumes three and four still to come over the next few years. Volume three will likely cover 1944 to 1950. This is what can happen in fiction - a germinal idea can grow into a tree and then into a forest as you write.

Copies of the White Birds should be available soon. (I don't even have any yet.) The first copies have only been published within the past ten days to two weeks.

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EMP said...

Add a copy to my (growing) pile, please, MP. Thank you most kindly.

All well here--I'm finally writing. :) Thanks for the inspiration these past few months.