Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This book is a definite must people! The best book of 2012! My review of THE WINGS OF MORNING by Murray Pura. (*Translated from the Dutch by BING) The year is 1917. The Amish have no decision taken yet concerning the use of aircraft. Jude Whetstone is a convert of the Lapp Amish community. He is fond of aircraft and has taken flying lessons. Some people in the community do not agree with the fly – including Lynndaya Kurtz ' parents. Jude and Lyyndaya grew up together and were slowly but surely falling in love. Lyyndaya's parents that they now want to Jude sees no more. This breaks her heart, but as a good Amish daughter obeys her parents. In Europe is the first world war broke out. The Amish don't fight in the war. The u.s. military discovered what a good pilot is trying to force him and Jude in Europe to go fight. Jude and some other guys from his Amish community be jailed. The guys are treated badly. Jude pray for a way out and realizes that the only way to come out of prison is to sign to go fly in Europe. Jude decides to do this and the other young men be freed and return to their community. Jude's decision is not understood by his community and he is exiled. Jude knows, however, that he is in the will of God and asks God to guide him in the fighting. He learns to fight against the Germans without someone having to kill. It is not permitted to send letters to Jude Lyyndaya. She decides however to write letters and keep them in a safe place, so that he can read them later when he comes back from Europe and his exile is over. Jude sends weekly letters to Lyyndaya, but they may not read them. The Amish are informed about what Jude is doing things in France, but the question why Jude ever register has to fight, remains unanswered. Then comes the message within that Jude's plane has crashed and that he is missing and presumably dead. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the Spanish flu breaks out. Lyyndaya has signed up as a volunteer to care for the sick. And then if they one day at work, her name is whispered by an unknown man ... I am very excited about this book. It is difficult to find the right words to describe how good this book is. Murray Pura is a great and fascinating writer. Normally I don't read many Amish books, but the way this writer Amish combines with history is simply fantastic! I can hardly wait to Pura's next book to read! (Translated by Bing)

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Linda Dianne Stowe said...

Hi Murray,I just wanted to tell you,i've read Wings Of Morning,Ashton Park and Whispers of a new Dawn.I absolutely loved each and everyone.You are a very talented man and I'm so thankful to have had the opputinity to read all three. I would recommend your books to anyone if they want to be uplifted and iy puts you in peaceful state.I dearly loved Ashton how everyone stuck together.I couldn't put these books down ,they were so interesting.Such a great job.Blessings to you and I hope your new launch is very successful.A lover of your books.Have a blessed evening.